Auto Locksmiths in Richmond

  • Lost keys 
  • Broken Keys 
  • Spare keys
  • Lock repair
  • ECU Programming/Coding
  • Van security (additional and replacement locks)
  • Additional protection for your vehicles Immobiliser (stop the modern day thieves)
  • Or maybe the keys decided to lock themselves inside the car

Classic to Modern

Our extensive training and experience allows us to tackle vehicles of any year. traditional knowledge to modern tech, we know our stuff.

American Muscle

We have been lucky enough to work on many imported vehicles from Mustangs to Firebirds. Providing us with what it takes to tackle this market.


We love 2 wheels, theres never a bike we won't tackle. lost keys, broken keys (even in the lock) or faulty locks. You can trust us with your pride and joy.


No job too big...


nah nah nah.


You get the picture, WE DO LORRIES